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Triangle Home Design & Decor Magazine | Trend Piece

Terra Nova

With warm sunset hues ranging from ochre to sienna, terracotta has been adorning homes with its sunbaked warmth and earthy texture for centuries. Translated from Italian as “baked earth,” this clay-based material is yet again making a comeback in both traditional and surprisingly modern forms. Today’s geometric shapes, glazed Zellige tiles, and modern objects can lend their canyon colorway and natural imperfections for a laid-back, midcentury-modern-meets-Southwest aesthetic.

The traditional smooth gloss tiles by Clay Imports are made using wood frames that give the edges a rustic, irregular look;

The weathered and glazed Zellige tiles feature an array of whites;

The Antique Diamond Matte tiles can be arranged into a hexagon pattern;

The Provincial Red Hex tiles are reclaimed from antique French terracotta structures;

The unglazed natural Zellige tiles by Riad Tile are handmade in Morocco using centuries-old techniques;

Overhand Knot / $60 /

Folk Abigail 10” Soft Cone Pendant / $449 /

In Common With Ceramic Orb Surface Mount / $700 /

Ridge Vase / $125 / Bump Table / $3,500 /

Bump Table / $3,500 /

Triangle Home Design & Decor Magazine | Design Board

Design Board | Jamie Meares

While the tastes of Jamie Meares may be constantly evolving, her designs are always eclectic and bold. She effortlessly mixes pattern and color, old and new, patina and charm for designs that are a balance of daring and timeless. Finding inspiration through her travels, Meares always has new restaurants and hotels on her radar. “NYC is where I’m able to be most creative—there’s an energy there that you can tap right into,” says the designer, store owner, and blogger. “I’m an avid Pinterest user, I find lots of need artists on Instagram, and I also get inspiration from working with my team—I’m a group thinker.” When approaching a project, Meares draws from her endless supply of ideas she’s been itching to try, while incorporating her client’s tastes, to create a design that is spirited, unique, and functional. “I like rooms with personality, that showcase collections and are conducive to conversation,” explains Meares. You can peek into her creative mind on her blog, I Suwanee, or by visiting her shop

1. Parasol Table Lamp / $695 /
2. Greco Disco / $65 /
3. Buckhorn Cabin Picnic, Aspen Mountain by Gray Malin / $395 /
4. GG Psychedelic round shoulder bag / $1,290 /
5. Caitlen Vintage Rug / $700 /
6. Marbled Candlesticks / $695 /
7. Holographic Nudesse Candle / $68 /

Triangle Home Design & Decor Magazine | Trend Piece

Black Beauties

Edgy and daring, black light fixtures are making a bold statement.

By Lindsay M. Powell

There is an undeniable power in lighting that reaches far beyond illumination. The right fixture can transform a space from simple to show-stopping in the flip of a switch, and daring, black statement fixtures are popping up everywhere. From edgy and ethereal to modern and moody, these obsidian stunners resemble a piece of art as much as they do a chandelier. Whether inspired by organic or graphic forms, the unexpected shapes radiate personality and command attention. The free-flowing figures cast light and shadows for a sensory experience while the graphic forms serve as striking centerpieces. Simultaneously structured and poetic, these fantastic illuminants will undoubtedly be a catalyst for conversation.

Filamento Chandelier / $2,665 /

Vertigo Pendant / $1,195 /

Charlton Grande Triple Arm Chandelier / $1,615 /

Strada Medium Oval Chandelier / $2,495 /

Belterra Chandelier / $2,220 /

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